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Holden HSV XU6 Supercharged V6 Performance Memcal - Manual (Getrag)

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Holden HSV XU6 Supercharged V6 Performance Memcal - Manual (Getrag)

Price: $159.99

This performance chip (memcal) package will suit the Holden VT series of cars including Commodore and Calais models that have been converted to manual using a getrag gearbox. The memcal provided has been based on the HSV XU6 performance tune which produce 180kw from the factory, up from the standard 171kw with the added advantage of a manual gearbox.

When used in conjunction with a good exhaust system, typical power outputs that can be expected are between 180-190kw with increased torque across the rev range. Noticeable performance gains to both acceleration and throttle response are delivered as a result which are achieved through recalibration of both ignition timing and fuel mapping.

This memcal package is also suited for use with mild boost pressure increases of up to 10psi after the installation of a smaller supercharger pulley. Greater performance gains should be noticed with these upgrades and the performance memcal as compared to using them with the standard tune.

Fuel economy should not be affected greatly through the use of this memcal and in some circumstances an improvement in fuel economy can be seen.

Detailed installation instructions are provided with the memcal. Installation typically takes 30mins.

Please Note:
These memcal’s are provided on an exchange basis. The sale price includes a $30 deposit which will be refunded. Upon the installation of your performance memcal you simply post your original memcal back to us for a refund of your $30.

This process allows us to provide you with quality hardware. Some other eBay sellers have been known to provide homemade hardware which can be unreliable.

It is recommended by Holden that only Premium Unleaded fuel should be run as a minimum with a Supercharged V6 engine. This remains true when using this memcal and we recommend 98 octane where possible.

This memcal has been designed to be used with a variety of engines in various conditions. Although it is highly unlikely that this memcal should cause any damage to your vehicle we take no responsibility for any damage caused as the result of its use. This is the same stance taken by all performance car part manufacturers.