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Holden Commodore VZ-VE GENIV L76 L98  6.0L V8 Mafless/MAF Tune (Mail Order)

Holden Commodore VZ-VE GENIV L76 L98  6.0L V8 Mafless/MAF Tune (Mail Order)

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Holden Commodore VZ-VE GENIV L76 L98 6.0L V8 Mafless/MAF Tune (Mail Order)

Price: $450.00

This mail order mafless tune will suit the Holden Commodore VZ-VE models equipped with the L76 & L98 6.0L GEN IV V8 series of cars including Commodore and Calais models. Unlike some others available on the market, this tune has been developed using data collected from numerous dyno and street tunes that we have performed to provide a significant power increase for these engines.

When used in conjunction with a good exhaust system, typical power output that can be expected are between 260-275kw at the wheels with significantly increased torque across the rev range. This equals over 350kw at the engine.

Tuning is now provided using a small programming device which we send out in the mail. An additional deposit of $550.00 is required for the programmer which is refunded upon completion and return of the programmer to us. This process allows tuning with zero downtime to your vehicle. Please see other items for purchase of Autocal deposit.

The results are achieved through extensive recalibration of both ignition timing and fuel mapping. Fuel economy should not be affected greatly through the use of this recalibration and in some circumstances an improvement in fuel economy may be seen.

We also offer an Exchange ECM Service* and replacement ECM’s for purchase.

Detailed installation instructions are provided with every purchase, installation typically takes 30mins.

If you live within Sydney or the Central Coast we are able to fit the new computer for you and if requested provide a dyno tuning service to confirm the power gain and trim the tune for maximum performance. These services are provided at an additional cost.

We are currently equipped with EFI Live, VCM Suite, Kalmaker as well as other software developed in house which means we are able to provide custom tunes using the factory computer for most Holden models. This includes VN to VE including mafless conversions for VS-VY Ecotec and Supercharged V6 motors.

We also have a range of OTRs available.

* VZ Alloy MAFLess OTR

* VZ Carbon Fibre MAFLess OTR



Please contact us at info@turboindustries.com.au for more information.

N.B. When removing MAF sensor for use with OTR intakes, plug and play installation requires an external IAT Sensor and MAF Delete Loom

Please Note:

When running these high performance tunes we recommend you try run a minimum of 95 Octane Premium Unleaded and where possible 98 Octane. Although it is safe to run standard 91 Octane unleaded if other alternatives are not available, it is advised that you should avoid heavy acceleration to protect your engine.

This tune has been designed to be used with a variety of engines in various conditions. Although it is highly unlikely that this tune should cause any damage to your vehicle we take no responsibility for any damage caused as the result of its use. This is the same stance taken by all performance car part manufacturers.

* Due to the wide variety of factory tunes, please contact us at info@turboindustries.com.au with your VIN number before hand to determine if you qualify for an exchange ECM. If you qualify and would like an exchange ECM we require that a deposit be placed on the exchange ECM which will be fully refunded on the safe receipt of your old ECM. Should you wish to keep your old ECM, simply let us know and keep both your old and new ECM.