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1.8 High Ratio Roller Tipped Rockers to suit LS1

1.8 High Ratio Roller Tipped Rockers to suit LS1

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1.8 High Ratio Roller Tipped Rockers to suit LS1

Price: $899.00

This set of high ratio aluminum roller tip rockers will suit the VT-VZ 5.7L V8 series of cars including Commodore and Calais models. They are made in the USA and as such are a higher quality than many of those available on the market.

They are a simple engine upgrade providing similar results to a mild cam, with a much simpler installation process and without effecting the smooth operation of the motor particularly at idle. This avoids many of the pit falls with poor tunes and aftermarket camshafts such as low speed stalling and unpredictable idle characteristics.

Typically with a good exhaust system and a mafless tune we see around 240kw at the wheels from a 5.7L V8 Manual Commodore, which can be said to equal around 300kw at the motor. This is an 80kw increase from the standard 220kw.

With the addition of our 1.8:1 High Ratio roller tip rockers and a slightly adjusted mafless tune we typically see 255kw at the wheels from these vehicles. This equals over 320kw at the engine, 100kw greater than the factory power output.

The performance increase is achieved through increasing the flow capacity of the cylinder head through opening the valves a greater amount. Fuel economy should not be effected under normal driving conditions and in conjunction with the mafless tune an improved fuel economy may be observed.

Please note these high ratio roller tip rockers require a custom mafless tune to suit. A typical mafless tune will not be suitable and will require adjustment by your tuner if fitting these rockers.

If purchasing the tune from our other items you will receive a $50 discount on these rockers. If you have our existing mafless tune we can provide a free upgrade for you when you purchase the rockers from us.

Detailed installation instructions are provided. Installation typically takes 1.5-2 Hours and requires the removal of the ignition coil packs and the rocker covers. Installation can be completed by the user provided they have some mechanical knowledge and a socket set.

If you live within Sydney or the Central Coast we are able to install these rockers for you and re-program your computer at the same time.

Please contact us at info@turboindustries.com.au for more information.